In-vehicle ignition keys

Today, several proprietary radios enable key and less entry and proximity sensor capabilities to unlock car doors or start the ignition. But because these links are not based on standards, each accessory must be compatible with the specific proprietary technology or it will not work. Wireless in-vehicle that include Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) capabilities, however, enable interoperability with all in-vehicle wireless systems, allowing consumers to use any of their mobile accessories to open car doors or start the ignition. The advent of the Bluetooth LE specification represents a paradigm shift in efficiency, enabling dramatically increased battery life for Bluetooth products.

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What about cloud computing and clots?

In vehicle computer, single board computer, Industrial PC


However, once the first bank became a victim, immediately all the other institutions started to learn more about the attacks, search for solutions, then deploy those solutions quickly. When I look at military cloud security solutions, there are many vendors and partners providing tools and solutions, but not many providing availability security embedded computer attacks are hurting the availability of online services and many antivirus vendors and firewall vendors do not focus on the availability aspect.”  Cloud providers find protecting the shared infrastructure can be challenging because it is an expensive up-front cost, he continues. 


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Eables remote desktops for C4ISR

In vehicle computer, single board computer,  Industrial PC



Virtualization trends in commercial computing offer benefits for cost, reliability, and security, but pose a challenge for military operators who need to visualize lossless imagery in real time. 10 GbE technology enables a standard zero client solution for viewing pixel-perfect C4ISR sensor and graphics information with near zero interactive latency.
For C4ISR systems, ready access to and sharing of visual information at any operator position can increase situational awareness and mission effectiveness. Operators utilize multiple information sources including computers and camera feeds, as well as high-fidelity radar and sonar imagery. Deterministic real-time interaction with remote computers and sensors is required to shorten decision loops and enable rapid actions.