Fanless and Dustproof Intel 945GME Core 2 Duo Vehicle Computer AR-V5403FL

AR-V5403FL, which is embedded with Intel 945GME chipset, support Intel Core 2 Duo/Core Duo/Core Solo/Celeron M processer. Based on Intel powerful Core 2 Duo CPU , AR-V5403FL is a powerful industrial-grade computing solution for all vehicle application, such as Fleet management, vision procession, Telemetric, Traffic safety control and numerous other vehicles. To use in rugged environment, AR-V5403FL is capable of operation at -15°C to 50°C and can withstand vibration up to 2G (follow IEC60068-2-64) and shock up to 50G 11ms (follow IEC60068-2-27).

In addition, AR-V5403FL can integrate optional GPS/3.5G/WiFi/Bluetooth wireless modules to facilitate mobile communication and navigation, and with optional uninterruptible power supply for emergency back-up. Moreover, acrosser’s products are fully compliant with most industry standards for in-vehicle usage including CE and FCC.

Industrial PC, in vehicle computer, Embedded computer

1. Support Core 2 Duo / Core Duo/ Core Solo / Celeron M
2. 1 x VGA
3. 4-bit GPIO (2 In, 2 Out)
4. GPS / 3.5G / Wifi / Bluetooth Module Option
5. External Removable HDD Bay
6. Software programmable power off delay time


AMB-D255T1 as the slim type with single layer I/O ports to make the board total height less than 20mm

acrosser launches new slim Mini-ITX mainboard with Atom D2550, DDR3, HDMI, GbE, COM for Digital Signage and POS application.

AMB-D255T1 also provides complete I/O such as 4 x COM ports, 6 x USB2.0 ports, 1 x GbE RJ-45 port, 1 x SATA port with power connector.

Networking appliance ,Console server ,Industrial PC
Acrosser designs AMB-D255T1 as the slim type with single layer I/O ports to make the board total height less than 20mm, with external AC/DC power adaptor which is very suitable for applications with limited space likes Digital Signage, POS or thin client system.

AIV-HM76V0FL’s fanless thermal design provides the high reliability in vehicle applications

AIV-HM76V0FL is protected with the most complete power input protection to adapt the harsh electrical environment in any kind of vehicle. Such protections are automotive transient voltage suppression, over/under voltage protection, over current protection, reverse voltage protection and automotive fuse. These designs enable AIV-HM76V0FL to pass the strict ISO-7637-2 test what is specifically defined for equipments installed in various vehicles.

The smart power management subsystem enables user to define the power on and off sequences through software interface or BIOS setting to meet any requirement of in-vehicle applications.


Industrial PC ,in vehicle computer ,Embedded computer
Industrial PC ,in vehicle computer ,Embedded Computer

AIV-HM76V0FL Features

‧ FCPGA 988 socket support Intel 3rd Generation Core i7/i5 and Celeron processors up to 45W i7-3820QM

‧ Fanless thermal design and anti-vibration industrial design

‧ HDMI/DVI/VGA video outputs

‧ Combo connector for acrosser’s In-Vehicle monitor

‧ 4 external USB 3.0 ports

can bus 2.0 A/B

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3.5G, GPS

‧ One-wire (i-Button) interface

‧ 9-32 VDC power input

‧ -20 to 60 degree C operating temperature


The AIV-HM76V0FL is available in October, 2012. For more product information, please visit Acrosser product pages.


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