Intel Core 2 Duo EPIC Embedded Computer Board AR-B5630

AR-B5630 is the most powerful embedded computer board that good for system integrator to fit application projects such game machine, POS/Kiosk, digital security, digital signage.., etc.

 With Intel® GME965 embedded high speed chipset and Intel® Core 2 Duo CPU support 533/667/800 MHz FSB (Front Side Bus) not only can handle complex multi-task processes and execute several application programs concurrently with admiring performance beyond customer’s used experiences.

In vehicle computer ,single board computer ,Industrial PC

In vehicle computer ,single board computer ,Industrial PC

Feature: 1. Socket P support Intel Core 2 Duo/Celeron M
2. Support 400/533/667MHz DDR2 SDRAM
4. Dual Giga LAN
5. PCI-104 Expansion
6. COM, USB2.0, GPIO, SATA, IDE, CF II, Audio

AR-V6100FL fanless thermal design provides the high reliability

The AR-V6100FL fanless thermal design provides the high reliability in vehicle applications. The AR-V6100FL utilize advanced heat pipe, heat sink, thermal pad to solve the problem of heat generated by CPU, Chipset, DRAM and power devices. This is a big challenge for designing a Fanless Computer which supports 45 Watts Quad Core Core i7 processor. All components used in AR-V6100FL are industrial proven and only solid state capacitors are utilized for high MTBF.

In vehicle computer ,single board computer ,Industrial PC

In vehicle computer ,single board computer ,Industrial PC


acrosser also integrated two new useful features to the AR-V6100FL. The one-wire (i-Button) interface provides system integrators a low cost solution for driver ID, temperature and humidity sensors. The combo connector combines VGA, audio, USB and DC 12V power output all in one connector so significantly simplify the harness between the computer and Accrosser’s in vehicle touch monitors.


1. Intel Celeron, Core i5 up to i7 Quad-core Processor

 2. One CAN 2.0A/2.0B Interface

 3. 1-Wire i-Button interface for Driver ID and Sensors

 4. 4x Digital Inputs and 4 Digital Outputs

5. VGA/HDMI/DVI Dual Independent Video Outputs

6. External Removable Anti-Vibration/Shock Disk Bay and CF socket

 7. Internal 3.5G, GPS, WiFi, Blue Tooth Modules (Optional)

 8. Combo connector to simplify touch monitor installation

Low power consumption industrial computer AR-B8172

Acrosser Technology Co. Ltd, global professional industrial embedded computer manufacturer, announces AR-B8172, a new ISA half-size CPU board with DM&P Vortex86DX 800MHz SoC and 256MB DDRII memory.

AR-B8172 meets design of standard ISA half-size card and it is well-suited for the industrial chassis and backplane. Based on the above reasons, AR-B8172 is the attractive solution for industrial automation or factory instrument field.

Industrial computer, Industrial PC, industrial automation,ISA Half Size

In vehicle computer ,single board ,Industrial PC

1. Fanless Design
2. Onboard DM&P Vortex86DX 800MHz
3. Onboard 256MB DDR2 SDRAM
4. IDE, CF
5. PC/104 Interface
6. 2 x COM, 4 x USB2.0, VGA, 1 x 10/100 LAN

Vehicle Computer AR-V6002FL with Fanless and Intel Atom


ITS/Telematics Excellent 100 – Fanless and Dustproof Intel Atom D425/D525 Vehicle Computer


Intel Core i7 i5,HM76 , Vehicle Computer, Vehicle PC,car computer, in cab computer, can bus

In Vehicle Computer

AR-V6002FL fanless In-Vehicle computer is based on Intel Atom D425/D525 single /dual core processer.
AR-V6002FL is designed with standard power input for car battery of 12V/24V, capability to operate in rugged environment of -20 to 50 degrees, standard vehicle certification of CE, FCC class B and E-Mark 13, and can withstand shock and vibration up to 2G follow IEC60068, which allow system integrators to implement the accessories to fulfill vehicle application, such as Fleet management, Telemetric, Traffic safety control.