Fanless and Dustproof Intel 945GME Core 2 Duo Vehicle Computer AR-V5403FL

AR-V5403FL, which is embedded with Intel 945GME chipset, support Intel Core 2 Duo/Core Duo/Core Solo/Celeron M processer. Based on Intel powerful Core 2 Duo CPU , AR-V5403FL is a powerful industrial-grade computing solution for all vehicle application, such as Fleet management, vision procession, Telemetric, Traffic safety control and numerous other vehicles. To use in rugged environment, AR-V5403FL is capable of operation at -15°C to 50°C and can withstand vibration up to 2G (follow IEC60068-2-64) and shock up to 50G 11ms (follow IEC60068-2-27).

In addition, AR-V5403FL can integrate optional GPS/3.5G/WiFi/Bluetooth wireless modules to facilitate mobile communication and navigation, and with optional uninterruptible power supply for emergency back-up. Moreover, acrosser’s products are fully compliant with most industry standards for in-vehicle usage including CE and FCC.

Industrial PC, in vehicle computer, Embedded computer

1. Support Core 2 Duo / Core Duo/ Core Solo / Celeron M
2. 1 x VGA
3. 4-bit GPIO (2 In, 2 Out)
4. GPS / 3.5G / Wifi / Bluetooth Module Option
5. External Removable HDD Bay
6. Software programmable power off delay time